Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement

There is no discrimination between sex, race, religion, or sexual preferance or anything at Akademi Coachstjärnan AB. All are welcome.
If physically challenged teachers or participants are present the course will be held at a specially built conference room for the physically impaired.
All employees, teachers, students and/or participants in Akademi Coachstjärnan AB are treated fairly according to Swedish Law and Akademi Coachstjärnan AB takes full responsibility to ensure that all laws and rules of the workplace and the workplace environment in a business and/or a school are strictly followed. In addition all staff at Akademi Coachstjärnan AB are deticated to ensuring a safe and harmonic environment in the classroom.

Complaint & Grievance policy

Akademi Coachstjärnan AB seeks to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to attempt to solve any grievances in a timely and fair manner.
Participants have the right to file a grievance regarding presentation or content, facility concerns, or instructor/faculty behavior. All grievances will be addressed to the best of our ability to prevent further problems.
A process for filing grievances can be found below:

  • A participant should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the educator/trainer, staff, or participant with whom they have an issue. If participants are not comfortable approaching the individual, they can proceed to step 2.
  • If participants are not comfortable approaching the individual with whom they have a grievance, or are unable to resolve the issue directly, participants should submit a written grievance to the head teacher within 7 days. The head teacher will review the issue and talk to the student within 7 days of receiving the complaint. The head teacher will work with all parties involved to resolve the issue.
  • If a participant does not feel the issue is resolved, a written request for an appeal should be sent to the CEO for review, at coachstjarnan@telia.com. This appeal should include the original complaint and reason(s) the participant is unsatisfied with the resolution attempt(s). Appeals are reviewed and a written response will be provided to the participant within 7 days. All appeal decisions are final.

Participant Enrollment Agreement

Admissions to Akademi Coachstjärnan AB is open to all who have received at least a high school degree. The preference is that participants have some professional experience or training in communication skills to some degree however prospective participants are judged on a case by case basis.
Recruitment is conducted through a telephone meeting where prospective participants speak with a cousre leader about their background, experience, reasons for wanting to be a coach and motivation to undergo the personal development process.
We also offer a half day experienced learning open class free of charge to allow the student to be a better understanding and insight of our program.
Admissions to Akademi Coachstjärnan AB are accepted simply on a first come first serve basis.

Partial Completion policy

Probation: When participants do not pass the course at Akademi Coachstjärnan AB they don’t recieve a full diploma, only a preliminary one. They then have the chance to retake the final coaching exam, finish their fieldwork, or attend a day they missed in order to receive the full diploma.
All discussions, conversations, evaluations etc… are considered strictly confidential unless deemed to be a physical danger to someone. We adhere strictly to ICF Code of Ethics.

Payment/Fees policy

The registration fee for a coach training is SEK 4,000 excluding VAT (SEK 1,000). As soon as the participant has paid the registration fee, they are enrolled at the course. The remaining course fee must be paid before the course starts.
A participant can make a “preliminary registration” free of charge which is not binding, but does not guaruntee a place on the course.
Any complaint regarding an invoice must be made within 8 days. In the event of late payment, a statutory reminder fee of SEK 50 will be charged and a late payment interest of 24%.

Refund policy

The registration is binding. Paid registration fee / course fee will not be refunded. However, you can take the course at another time, if you become ill (see illness policy).
In the case of less than 6 registered course participants two weeks before the start of the course, the education is moved to a new date. Registered participants will then be contacted.
If the training is canceled due to the course provider, we will of course pay back the registration fee. Contact us before you book any transport/accommodation to ensure that the training will be completed.

Transfer of Credit policy

From time to time students come to Akademi Coachstjärnan AB from other coach training programs for an ACSTH offering to be able to later apply for ICF credentials. Director of Training has a conversation with them about their training and experience to ensure they are prepared. If a student has completed an ACSTH training from a different program, the Akademi Coachstjärnan AB will accept those students to the Advanced Coaching Program training and making sure the student understands they will take a different credential path.

Illness policy

If the participant misses a course opportunity (1 course day) or need to postpone the education due to illness, it is possible to complete the missed part/s at other dates agreed with the course management. The participant is responsible for notifying the course management when the missed part/s is to be completed.

Ethical Marketing Agreement

We believe that all marketing efforts should provide genuine value to the target audience in order to earn their attention and their trust. Our strategies are based on a foundational belief that marketing should be honest and that marketers should not take advantage of anyone’s personal data. This policy statement lays out the ethical marketing practices we follow at Akademi Coachstjärnan AB and the commitments we have made.

We Commit to Honesty in Marketing

We commit to honesty in our marketing and communications.

We pledge to:

  • Never use dishonest marketing tactics for our own or client marketing campaigns, including:
    • False advertising: exaggerating values and benefits of products and services
    • Fake or overly doctored reviews and testimonials
    • Inflated analytics or results when creating messaging for advertising
  • Only using words that are realistic descriptors of the products, services, or impact we are promoting.

We Commit to Permission-Based Email Marketing and Ethical Digital Advertising

We pledge to focus our email marketing on:

  • Creating value within any free content (including videos, blogs, online resources, online classes, social media posts, etc.)
  • Being GDPR compliant
  • Maintaining the trust of email lists by continuing to offer value and restricting messaging to content related to the original opt-in intent.